What kind of clothes should you wear to the cinema?

What kind of clothes should you wear to the cinema?
Jul, 30 2023 Valentino Cassano

Cinema Dress Code: A Myth or a Reality?

I hear a lot of rumbling in discussion forums about what to wear to cinema, and I can't help but wonder, is there such a thing as a Cinema dress code? As much as we all like the idea of showing up at the theater in our pajamas and bunny slippers, there's still an unwritten decorum that subtly suggests certain sartorial selections. Not because it is regulated, oh no, but because you would want to maximize your comfort without compromising on your style. Remember, going to the cinema isn't only about what’s happening on the screen, it's also about your personal experience and the impression you make on others.

Comfort is King: Opting for Function over Fashion

When my greyhound, Lucky, settles in for a marathon of chasing his tail (and fails to catch it), he usually gets himself into the coziest position possible. This is the kind of philosophy I suggest you adopt when you're dressing for the cinema. After all, you're there to relax and enjoy a good movie, right? Opt for clothes that are comfortable but don't make you look like you’ve just rolled out of bed – your fellow movie-goers will thank you.

Your true fashion can be relaxed and casual, not slouchy. Think loose-fitting jeans, a comfortable hoodie or cardigan (theatres can sometimes feel like the Arctic tundra), and comfortable shoes. Speaking about shoes, avoid flip-flops. They're a disaster waiting to happen when shuffling in the dark, stepping over spilled popcorn kernels and the odd sticky soda spill. Also, avoid hats, especially with wide brims. Yes, they look stylish on Instagram, but in a cinema? They're like a solar eclipse for the person sitting behind you.

Once upon a time, during a late-night screening of a newly premiered movie, I turned up in my airy shorts and summer shirt. While it was comfortable, it was also an open invitation for the air conditioner's frosty kiss. Ended up catching a mild cold, and that experience... wasn't as fun as the movie, which for the sake of your curiosity, was hilarious! Now I always carry a light jacket or a sweater. Lesson learned, eh?

Observe the Occasion: Dressing for the Type of Movie

A bit eccentric thought, I admit, but consider dressing in accordance with the movie genre you are going to watch. The ambiance plays a part, and you can resonate with it by choosing a type of dress that aligns with the movie. When I take Simon, my Maine Coon, to the vet, I noticed he becomes a completely different cat depending on the environment. I guess we aren’t much different from our furry friends.

If it's a romantic chick flick, maybe go easy on the trucker caps and band tshirts, maybe opt for a polished yet comfortable look. Going for a horror movie? Maybe avoid eating before the movie to avoid staining your clothes in case you have a bit of throw-up-the-popcorn moment (believe me, it happens!). A comedy night could afford you a quirky or graphic tee with a funny message. And of course, for superhero movies, wearing related merchandise is almost a tradition; just keep it stylish.

Etiquette and the Ensemble – A Dab of Perfume or a Full-On Assault?

As a big fan of gourmet food, there's nothing I like more than my dishes seasoned perfectly; not too bland, not too spicy. Similarly, when spritzing on your favorite perfume or cologne before heading to the cinema, remember - it should tantalize, not traumatize. A light dab of your favorite scent will certainly make you feel good and make your whole experience wholesome. But remember, not everyone may share your enthusiasm for your '40 pumps of fruity pebble delight.

At the end of the day, dressing for the cinema is all about maintaining a balance between personal style, comfort, and consideration for others. You can look like a million bucks, but if you're not comfortable or if you're causing discomfort to others, then it's not really worth it. But hey, I believe you are smart enough to know this!

Leaving the House to...Be at Home?

Since more and more people are watching movies from the comfort of their homes, thanks to advances in home theater technology, the idea of dressing for the cinema might seem a little outdated. However, going to the cinema is an experience, an event. It's not only about the movie; it's about the shared emotions, spontaneous reactions, the collective laughter, and a memorable night out. Moreover, a sense of occasion always welcomes dressing appropriately.

When the theaters open again, and we're able to enjoy going to the cinema like we used to, it won't just be about what's playing on the screen; it will be about normalcy, community, and enjoyment. And what you wear being part of everyone's good time!


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